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The Cay
The Cay
by Theodore Taylor
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The Cay Chapter 6 Summary

  • Early in the morning Timothy spots land. Hurray! Phillip is so excited that he stumbles across the raft and falls into shark-infested waters. Way to go, Phillip.
  • Timothy jumps in and yanks Phillip out of the water by his hair and then yells at him to be more careful – crawl on the raft, for goodness sake.
  • Now, back to the island. They are about two miles away from it, but from what Timothy can see, it is a "veree smahl islan'" with no people on it (6.20).
  • Phillip doesn't want to stop because he's convinced they'll have a better chance of being rescued out at sea or by finding a bigger island.
  • But Timothy insists that they are going to land on the island. He tells Phillip they will get help there.
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