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The Cay

The Cay


by Theodore Taylor

The Cay Chapter 7 Summary

  • Timothy steers the raft close to the shore, swims Phillip in on his back, then drags the raft and Stew Cat up on the sand.
  • The sand feels good on Phillip's feet. Timothy says there are langosta on the island – creatures like lobsters. Yum.
  • Timothy says he'll find a place to camp, and Phillip is alarmed because this means they won't be rescued soon. Timothy says not to worry, that he will build a fire for aircraft to see.
  • Phillip asks where they are, and Timothy talks around the question but never really answers. He says he doesn't know, but Phillip doesn't believe him. The boy can sense that Timothy is holding something back, much like Phillip's father used to do when he was younger.
  • Timothy goes off to find a place to camp. Stew Cat wanders away, and Phillip gets scared. He is not into the whole being alone while blind and on a desert island thing.
  • Stew Cat returns, followed by Timothy. Phillip has a hissy fit and tells Timothy never to leave him alone again. Timothy says he won't.
  • The two eat some biscuits and chocolate. Phillip calls Timothy out and asks him to tell him what he's been holding back, saying, "I'm old enough to know" (7.44).
  • Timothy admits that he thinks they're on a small cay in a part of the sea known as the Devil's Mouth, which is "several small islands tucked up inside great banks of coral that made navigation difficult" (7.46). That means ships rarely go by.
  • Phillip thinks they may be on the island forever, but Timothy tells him not to worry, they will signal an airplane. But how will the airplane know they are not native fisherman?
  • Timothy has no answer, but gives Phillip some more water to celebrate reaching land. Phillip drinks it "slowly and thoughtfully" (7.57).

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