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The Cay

The Cay


by Theodore Taylor

The Cay Chapter 8 Summary

  • Timothy makes a hut while Phillip thinks about his mother and the search that he is sure is going on for them. He tries not to think about his blindness.
  • Timothy finishes the hut and asks Phillip to look at it, which, of course, he can't. Phillip is thinking some pretty nasty stuff about Timothy, calling him a "stupid old man" in his head (8.4).
  • Much to Phillip's protests, Timothy leaves to catch some langosta. Phillip is scared again and mad at Timothy for leaving him alone, thinking his bigoted mother is right about black people.
  • Phillip begins to cry, holding onto Stew Cat for comfort.
  • Timothy returns with langosta, but Phillip gives him the silent treatment. They eat and then crawl into bed, where Timothy groans a lot. Phillip asks how old he really is and Timothy says he's more than 70.
  • In the morning the two begin setting up their rescue device. Timothy makes a fire pile down by the beach; they will use the smoke to signal a passing aircraft.
  • Timothy says they must write something on the sand, but it turns out he can't spell. He's too stubborn to admit this to Phillip, but Phillip figures it out anyway.
  • Phillip spells out "HELP" on the ground with a stick. He feels "superior" to Timothy (8.52). What a brat.

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