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The Cay

The Cay


by Theodore Taylor

The Cay Chapter 9 Summary

  • That afternoon Timothy starts to make a rope for Phillip to use to make his way to the fire pile if Timothy is out getting food.
  • After pulling vines from the rope, Phillip is tired and doesn't want to work anymore. Timothy tells him he has to do some more work and tries to get him to weave mats for them to sleep on.
  • Phillip is being a huge brat and says he can't help because he's blind. Timothy says he knows a blind man who is an excellent mat maker.
  • This does not convince Phillip and the kid throws a fit. He calls Timothy an "ugly black man" and makes fun of him for not being able to spell (9.19). OUCH.
  • Timothy is furious and smacks Phillip in the face.
  • Surprisingly, Timothy's slap actually knocks some sense into Phillip, and the kid finally realizes that Timothy is only trying to help.
  • After awhile Phillip calls out to Timothy, who shows him how to make the mat. Phillip asks if the two can be friends and Timothy says "you 'ave always been my friend" (9.29).
  • Phillip asks Timothy to call him "Phillip instead of young boss" (9.30).

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