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The Chairs

The Chairs


by Eugene Ionesco

The Chairs Resources


Ionesco Central

Here's a great site for all things Ionesco.

Ionesco Festival

Hey look, there's a theater festival dedicated solely to Ionesco.

Historical Documents


Check out this review of a recent production of the play.

NY Times

Here's a link to the many articles published on Ionesco in the New York Times.


Virtual Chairs

Here's a virtual model for the set of The Chairs.


An old interview with the playwright (in French).

A Digital Interpretation

Check out this digital collage inspired by play.


Set Design

A designer's model for a possible set for the play.

Cartoon Ionesco

Here's a caricature of the playwright.

The Old Man and his Bride

Here's a shot from a production of The Chairs.


A photo of the playwright.

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