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The Chairs

The Chairs


by Eugene Ionesco

The Old Woman Timeline and Summary

  • Warns her husband not to fall out the window.
  • Tells her husband that he could have been anything he wanted to be.
  • Begs the Old Man to play make-believe.
  • Asks him to do an impression of February.
  • Requests that he tell the story that he tells every night.
  • Reminisces with him about the lost city of Paris.
  • Comforts the Old Man as he cries about his dead mother.
  • Reminds her husband that he has a message to deliver to the world.
  • Worries that she doesn't look nice enough for the guests that are about to arrive.
  • Helps welcome the invisible Lady.
  • Blushes as the invisible Colonel kisses her hand.
  • Get really frisky with the Photo-engraver.
  • Tells the Photo-engraver the story of how her son abandoned her.
  • Arranges lots of chairs as tons of invisible guests arrive.
  • Starts selling programs and Eskimo pies to the invisible guests.
  • Celebrates with her husband when the Emperor arrives.
  • Begins echoing the words her husband says.
  • Can't believe her eyes when the Orator actually shows up.
  • Agrees with her husband that it's best they die now while in their full glory.
  • Commits suicide by jumping out the window into the waters below.