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The Chosen

The Chosen


by Chaim Potok

The Chosen Resources

Movie or TV Productions

The 1981 Film Version
Stars Rod Steiger as Reb Saunders.


Matisyahu’s "Youth"
Our favorite Hasidic reggae artist performs a song that emphasizes choice.


The Author

A photo of Chaim Potok signing some books.

A Book Cover

Is that supposed to be Danny or Reuven?

A Torah Scroll

In case you were wondering what one looks like.


An Obituary For Chaim Potok

The New York Times has lots to say about our author.

A Book Review

Yet another perspective on The Chosen.

Another Obituary

This one’s from the Guardian


The Brooklyn Public Library

Want to learn more about the place where Danny and Reuven spend so much of their time?

An FAQ List

Answers to some questions you might have on Judaism.

Photographic Memory

Here's some fun information on photographic memory.

Photographic Memory Game

A game to improve your memory

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