The Chosen
The Chosen
by Chaim Potok
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The Chosen Warfare Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"I told my team we’re going to kill you apikorsim this afternoon." (1.180)

We hear many variations of this line throughout Chapter One, but the moment we quote here is when the rumor is confirmed. This is more than a game to Danny – baseball is war.

Quote #2

"The eye’s out, kid. They had to take it out. It was some clop." (4.178)

There are lots of war metaphors in The Chosen. Both Reuven and Tony are in the eye ward for "playing" at war. Both games are, in some ways, a battle for the characters’ vision. When things go wrong with their eyes, they have to look at life in new ways.

Quote #3

The door was closed, and I could hear my father working at his typewriter inside. (5.12)

At first glance, this passage doesn’t seem to have anything to do with war. As we read on, it’s clear that David’s typewriter is his weapon, and that he considers life a war against time.

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