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The Chrysanthemums

The Chrysanthemums


by John Steinbeck

Henry Allen Timeline and Summary

  • Henry talks business with two men down by the tractor shed. Then he returns to the house, where he startles Elisa in her garden.
  • He tells her she has a talent for growing things, and that he's just made a business deal, and wants to take her to town to celebrate.
  • After he agrees to go into town with Elisa around 5:00PM, he gets back to work out on the ranch.
  • When he returns from his work, he gets ready for their date, and then comes out on the porch, where Elisa is waiting for him.
  • He makes a totally botched attempt to compliment his Elisa, then, giving up, goes to get the car.
  • They drive to town and on the way, he notes a change in Elisa, but he doesn't say what it is.
  • A bit confused, he tells Elisa that they can have wine with dinner, and that if she really wants to, they can go to see a fight.