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Dagda's Wall


is making dinner tonight! Open invitation. Who's in?

I'm totally in. I'll bring the booze.

I might drop by. Maybe. I dunno. If I do, it'll be kinda late. You'd have to let me stay the night.



I'll bring my harp. We can rock that duet we've been working on, and it will be the best duet this side of Hova and Yeezy.

Or Hall and Oates. amIright? eh? eh? I love those guys.


: /

I'd be down to trade a few freestyle poems for some famous Dagda pork chops.


What's the big deal? Dinner is dinner, right?

Sweet, incompetent Bres—at a Dagda feast, no one goes hungry and all leave my table satisfied.


Except for me. You fed me gold coins and I died, bro.

That's because you took advantage of my generosity. I was starving to death because of you. Not cool, man. Dead or not, you're not really invited back.

attended The First Battle of Mag Tuired.

is attending The Second Battle of Mag Tuired.


likes this

likes this

Dian Cecht

likes this


likes this


I wouldn't brag so loudly on the interwebs. With the help of my crew, the Fomorians, Bres can win this war.

LOL. Y'all are quaking in your boots.


At least we have nice boots.

Whatevs, I know you're just jelly. You wish you had the boots with the furrrr.

Heeeey, @Nechtán, can you go run an errand for me? This is definitely not a fake errand.


Um, I guess?

I definitely don't want to make babies with your wife, Boann.


Starting to sound a little dubious, D.

What? No way! It'll only take you a few hours. You'll be back before nightfall, easy peasy.


Still not 100% on board.

You can't have a baby in a day, dude.


Okay, okay, it's cool, I'll go.


So, alright, why is there a baby in my house?


Whoa, *where* did this baby come from? It's *definitely* not mine.

Oops! Um, that's…my baby. I had it all by myself. Boann was babysitting. I'll just, um, I'll just come pick it up, then.

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