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The Fall

The Fall


by Albert Camus

The Fall Resources


Listen to the first monologue of The Fall…in the original language.


The Author
A photo of Albert Camus


Study Questions and Other Helpful Insights

A site for a course called "Lawyers and Literature," this is a fascinating look at The Fall from a lawyer’s point of view. The questions will get you thinking, if nothing else…

Downloadable Text of The Fall

The O’Brien translation. Great except for the typo on page seven that says that locusts "never earned [Jean-Baptiste] a son [sic]" instead of "never earned [Jean-Baptiste] a sou" (sou = money). Man did that confuse us for the longest time.


"Camus" and "pop culture" in the same title?

We’re just beside ourselves with joy.

More of the same idea…

But this one is a bit more extensive and jargon-y.

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