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The Good Earth Chapter 2 Summary Page 1

  • It's the day after the wedding night, and Wang Lung is chilling in bed. Now that he's married, he doesn't have to get up and take care of his father. 
  • While O-lan is in the kitchen getting breakfast ready, Wang Lung lies in bed thinking about his new life and wife. Only, of course he shouldn't be thinking about this, because she's only a lady and not important. 
  • O-lan is making everything at the home awesome. She's collecting food, taking care of the animals, and gathering fertilizer. She's even making new clothes for everyone. 
  • But cleaning the house isn't enough to keep O-lan occupied. One day she decides to go out and help Wang Lung on the farm. Then, suddenly, she tells him she's pregnant. Wang Lung freaks out, but O-lan acts like it's nothing out of the ordinary. 
  • When they get home Wang Lung tells his dad that O-lan is pregnant. The old man starts laughing, and everyone is excited for a new life in the house.
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