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The Good Earth

The Good Earth


by Pearl S. Buck

The Good Earth Chapter 29 Summary

  • It's time to move, but Wang Lung doesn't want to leave the land. Who can blame him? With his kids at home, there's always trouble. But now that they have moved, the house is peaceful again. His uncle's son even decides to leave and go to war. How lucky is that?
  • Even though he was reluctant at first, Wang Lung starts spending more and more time in the great house since his grandson is about to be born. When the day comes, it's a bit different from when O-lan gave birth.
  • We guess Wang Lung doesn't realize that giving birth in complete silence without anesthesia is not exactly normal. So, for the first time in a long time, Wang Lung goes to pray. After praying and waiting, there is good news: it's a boy!  
  • But when all the feasting, and celebrating, and the praying to gods is over, there are more problems. Suddenly, Ching is dying.
  • This is where we realize that Ching is Wang Lung's only friend. Wang Lung's more upset about Ching dying than anyone else. Wang Lung even has his sons mourn for Ching as if he were family.
  • Ching's death marks the end of Wang Lung's time in the old house. He picks up his first daughter and his younger son and moves permanently to the great house.

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