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The Good Earth

The Good Earth


by Pearl S. Buck

The Good Earth Chapter 3 Summary

  • Fast-forward nine months, and O-lan is ready to give birth. Even though Wang Lung wants her to have a midwife, O-lan doesn't want anyone to help her—especially not anyone from the House of Hwang. 
  • When Wang Lung tries to persuade her, O-lan speaks the most she as ever spoken before. She tells him that when she goes to the House of Hwang, she will be dressed in her finest silks, with her brand-new baby boy, and it is going to be sweet. They won't see her one moment before, and that's that. 
  • So when the time comes, O-lan goes into her room and gives birth all alone. Outside of her room, Wang Lung waits anxiously until he hears a cry. When everyone figures out that it's a boy, all he cares about is how awesome he is for getting a firstborn son. 
  • Wang Lung looks at O-lan and remembers that she just gave birth all by herself, without anesthesia, and without complaining. We guess that he realizes that he should probably care about her too, and he says he will go to the market to get some stuff for her to feel better.

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