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The Good Earth

The Good Earth


by Pearl S. Buck

The Good Earth Chapter 7 Summary

  • The time is finally here. What time, you ask? Why, the time for Wang Lung's uncle to show us how he's going to mooch off of his nephew, of course. 
  • Remember how this uncle is a lazy good-for-nothing? Well, he goes to Wang Lung to ask for money since he knows that, according to the law of filial piety, Wang Lung can't refuse. 
  • So Wang Lung goes into his wall and takes out the silver to give to his uncle. To "borrow." Yeah, he's not seeing that money ever again. 
  • On top of everything else, O-lan has the nerve to give birth to a girl. Things are going downhill fast. 
  • After everything else is done, Wang Lung goes back to the farm to work, but there are a bunch of unlucky crows there. He tries to chase them away, but he can't even do that and they circle around him.

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