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The Good Earth

The Good Earth


by Pearl S. Buck

The Good Earth Resources


Time for High Tea

Playing this game is way more fun than learning about the Opium Wars through stinky old textbooks.

What's so Bad about The Good Earth?

Good question. Read this to find out.

God of the Grassroots

Want to know a little bit more about Tu Di Gong? We've got you covered.


She Coulda Been a Contender

Anna May Wong might have been O-lan in a world without yellowface.

The Glorious Screen Representation of the Most Vital Novel of Our Time

This screen version of Buck's novel is mostly accurate, but somehow O-lan became a sexy vixen. Check out that trailer.

Dragon Seed

This movie is about one of Pearl Buck's later novels. Starring Katharine Hepburn, it's full of anti-Japanese propaganda.

Historical Documents

Tell it to us, Pearl

Buck was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize, and here's the speech she delivered to mark this moment in history.

Advice for the Unborn Novelist

But give some pretty interesting advice to aspiring authors in this piece. We're not sure if it's necessary to surround yourself with gypsies, but we guess it can't hurt.

The Great Manuscript Caper

So, they found The Good Earth manuscript. Oh, you didn't know it was missing?


Vive la Révolution!

Want to know more about the Boxer Rebellion? Just watch this old time-y video.

The Story of a Lady Called Pearl

This documentary titled, Pearl Buck: The Woman, the World, and Two Good Earths, will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the lady herself.

Pearl's Own Roots

This video of the proud West Virginia native is short—but just long enough for you to get a sense of Pearl Buck's personality.


Flipping The Script

Now for something a little different. This time it's a Chinese woman's opinion of the legendary author.


How Embarrassing

Buck's family photos. At least her mom isn't there showing you all of her naked baby pictures.

A Life in Pictures

Everything from the Nobel Prize ceremony to Buck's honorary degree from Rutgers University in pictures.

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