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The Good Morrow

The Good Morrow


by John Donne

Miracle or Hyperbole?

Symbol Analysis

There's hyperbole everywhere in "The Good Morrow" (see what we did there?). But even though these rhetorical questions and absurd suggestions raise eyebrows, they're also meant to highlight the miraculousness of this perfect love. Of course, these lovers weren't actually asleep for 187 years. But it feels like that because they've awakened to such a fantastic new life. And sure, their bedroom doesn't contain the entire world, but that image sure captures the wonder and greatness of their new feelings.

  • Line 4: Do you know what I think we did before we met? Slept for 187 years! No wonder I'm so happy to wake up next to you!
  • Lines 6-7: It's a cute compliment, but the speaker is definitely spreading the hyperbole thick. Is it really likely that every previous lay was lame enough to seem like a dream?
  • Line 11: The speaker intensifies their passion by claiming that it contracts the entire world into their bedroom.
  • Line 14: So they're actually just two pretty regular humans, but if you take the speaker's word for it, he and his lover are as fascinating and wonder-filled as the whole world.
  • Lines 20-21: The last line is the fattest hyperbole of all. The speaker claims that their mutual adoration is so similar in its perfection and intensity that it's attained immortality. This feeling will never die!

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