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The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House


by Shirley Jackson

 Table of Contents

The Haunting of Hill House Themes

The Haunting of Hill House Themes

The Home

Ah, the home. It's a place of comfort and solace, where the fire always warms, the food is always tasty, and the laughter rings out like a bell on a crisp Sunday evening.If you live in a Hallmark c...


It's hard to really pin down The Haunting of Hill House's view of the family. On the one hand, we have characters like Eleanor's sister, Hugh Crain, and Mrs. Montague. These guys aren't exactly a r...

The Supernatural

Remember the opening to The Nightmare before Christmas? In it, various creepers, crawlers, and bump-in-the-nighters tell us a little something about themselves and Halloween Town. But in The Haunti...


Sacrifice is often viewed as a noble trait in a lot of classic literature. The hero sacrifices his life for the sake of country and kin. The noble woman sacrifices her wellbeing for that of her fam...

Women and Femininity

If you asked us to summarize The Haunting of Hill House's view of women and femininity in a single phrase, then we'd say, "Are you crazy?"The women in this novel come in a lot of varieties, and the...

Freedom and Confinement

Like "Ebony and Ivory" before them, freedom and confinement live together in perfect disharmony.Wait, are those the lyrics? Maybe not, but it remains true for The Haunting of Hill House. We say the...


What brings Dr. Montague and his crew to Hill House? Is it dissatisfaction? Survey says, "Ding!"In The Haunting of Hill House, Eleanor is dissatisfied with her life, Dr. Montague is dissatisfied wi...


We know what you're thinking. It's a story about a haunted house; how can fear not be on the list of themes? You're right, and here it is. But the fear on display in The Haunting of Hill House isn'...

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