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The Help

The Help


by Kathryn Stockett

The Help Chapter 26 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • The next day, Johnny calls Minny at home. Celia's pretty upset after the benefit and needs help.
  • Minny didn't see Celia vomit, but her daughter Sugar saw, and fills her in.
  • On Monday, Celia's still in bed. When Minny gets her out of bed, she sees a letter Hilly wrote to Celia. She wants Celia to make a $200 donation to the League, instead of paying for the dress she ripped. Plus, Celia is now banned from League functions.
  • On Wednesday, Celia's still in bed. Johnny calls and Celia has Minny tell him she's asleep.
  • Finally, Celia talks to Minny. She's thinking of leaving Johnny because she doesn't feel good enough for him.
  • She tells Minny about Hilly accusing her of playing a trick on her with the pie.
  • Minny confesses to Celia that after Hilly spread rumors she was a thief, she told Hilly to "eat [her] shit" (26.82). Then, she went home and made a chocolate pie and took it to her.
  • Hilly thought it was "a peace offering" (26.86) and gobbled up two slices. Miss Walters asked for a piece, but Minny said the pie was just for Hilly because it had a special ingredient.
  • Miss Walters laughed like crazy and told Hilly, "I wouldn't go tattling on Minny either, or you'll be known as the lady who ate two slices of Minny's shit" (26.91).
  • And that's why Hilly thinks Celia signed her up for the pie as a prank. If Celia leaves Johnny, then Hilly wins – Celia will be gone and Minny will be jobless.
  • Celia thanks Minny for sharing the story. She even seems to feel better.
  • The next day, Celia is up and at it again. She works in the garden all day and then, in the rain, starts chopping down the mimosa tree she hates.
  • While Minny waits for her to be done, she sees a check written out to the League. At the bottom of the check, Celia has written "For Two-Slice Hilly" (26.115).

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