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The Help

The Help


by Kathryn Stockett

The Help Chapter 29 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • Aibileen narrates this chapter. Mae Mobley is four years old now, and going to school.
  • One afternoon, Mae Mobley tells Aibileen that her teacher, Miss Taylor, says that "colored [people] can't go to [Mae Mobley's] school cause they're not smart enough" (29.40).
  • Aibileen tells Mae Mobley that Miss Taylor "ain't right all the time" (29.45). Mae Mobley hugs her and says, "You're righter than Miss Taylor" (29.46).
  • That same afternoon, Skeeter brings boxes of the now-published book, Help, to Aibileen and Minny's church. Aibileen takes a copy home and then brings one to Minny.
  • Aibileen tells Minny that the white library in Jackson has ordered three copies.  We'll see how that goes over.
  • On Thursday, Aibileen learns that the book will be discussed on a Jackson TV show in a week.
  • Aibileen goes to church on Friday. She's relieved to see that Minny's pregnancy is showing.
  • Leroy doesn't beat her when she's pregnant.
  • The congregation honors Aibileen and presents her with a copy of Help signed by some five hundred members of the community.
  • The Reverend tells Aibileen the church is going to do everything to help and protect her if there's any backlash. He says they think she is a very courageous person.
  • The Reverend surprises Aibileen by giving her a second copy of Help, also signed by the community. This copy is for Skeeter.
  • When the book is discussed on TV, the host says he's sure the book is about Jackson.
  • Aibileen is shaking with worry. Elizabeth is watching the show. When she hears it might be about Jackson, she runs out to get a copy.

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