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The Help

The Help


by Kathryn Stockett

Justice and Judgment Quotes in The Help

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

But it wasn't too long before I seen something in me had changed. A bitter seed was planted inside a me. And I just didn't feel so accepting anymore. (1.10)

The senseless death of Aibileen's son Treelore causes Aibileen to focus on the injustices around her and want to do something to create change. Truth-telling becomes the vehicle she uses to do so.

Quote #2

Miss Skeeter, she frowning at Miss Hilly. She set her cards down face up and say real matter-a-fact, "Maybe we ought to just build you a bathroom outside, Hilly" (1.69)

The Skeeter-Hilly toilet wars have just begun. Here, Skeeter takes a minor stand for justice, and Hilly instantly responds with a threat to fire Skeeter from her post as editor of the Junior League.

Quote #3

"She telling everybody in town I'm stealing! That's why I can't get no work! That witch done turned me into the Smart-Mouthed Criminal Maid a Hide County!" (2.111)

All Hilly has to do is say Minny is a thief for the other women to judge her as such. It's unthinkable that the word of a proper southern lady like Hilly be called into question. We love how Minny uses humor to express this bitter injustice.

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