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The Highwayman

The Highwayman


by Alfred Noyes

The Highwayman Resources


Short Bio of Noyes

Here's a quick look at the life of Alfred Noyes.

Eager for More Noyes?

This site includes links to other poems by Noyes.


Phil Ochs Sings the Poem on TV

The song set to music and performed in the late '60s. Maybe it hasn't aged all that well, but we still like it.

"The Highwayman" by the Highwaymen

This is a song by country music legends Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, and Johnny Cash. It's not based on this poem at all, but it's a great song, and it's definitely in the same spirit as the Noyes poem, a ballad about being a tough-as-nails outlaw.

Noyes Reads the Poem

The man himself reading the poem, with some creepy animation to make it look like live video. Ever seen the animatronic Abraham Lincoln at Disneyland? It's a little like that.


Loreena McKennitt sings "The Highwayman"

This is a version of the poem sung by Celtic music superstar Loreena McKennitt.

A Reading of the Poem

This guy really hams it up – it's fun, give it a listen.

Another Reading

This is another dramatic reading, found on LoudLit.org.

Whiskey in the Jar

A great old Irish tune about a highwayman – no relation to this poem. This robber's girlfriend is less cool than Bess, but the song is great.


Photo of Noyes at Age 60

This one was taken quite a while after he wrote "The Highwayman."

Spooky Illustration from the Poem

We kind of like this image of the highwayman out on the road in the moonlight.

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