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The Humpty Dance

The Humpty Dance


by Digital Underground


Sex Packets

A classic album, Sex Packets brought a hip-hop party vibe at a time when every other rap act was trying to be N.W.A. or Public Enemy. In this concept album about a fictional drug, Digital Underground explored the idea of virtual reality long before The Matrix or Avatar. While "The Humpty Dance" is the best known today, some notable other tracks are "Doowutchalike," "Underwater Rimes," and "Freaks of the Industry."

This is an EP Release

A short release for their sophomore effort, This Is An EP Release's big hit was "Same Song," which is the first Digital Underground song to feature 2Pac, long before he became a gangsta rap superstar. "Tie the Knot" is a humorous take on a groom's hesitations before marriage, and tracks like "Nuttin' Nis Funky" and "Arguin' On The Funk" continue to explore the Underground's P-Funk roots.

Sons of the P

As if the Parliament tributes couldn't get any stronger, Digital Underground positions itself in the Parliament family tree with Sons of the P (P standing for Parliament or P-Funk). The album is a smooth and funky effort, and every song seems to blend into the next one, making it feel like a long jam session. Humpty presents a great song about body issues with "No Nose Job," and Shock-G leads "Kiss You Back," another great party track that proves Digital Underground is at their best when the idea is incredibly simple.

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