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The Humpty Dance

The Humpty Dance


by Digital Underground

Video & Audio

"The Humpty Dance"

This is Humpty's debut single. Notice the trick camera work that makes it look like Shock and Humpty are two separate individuals. For years, Shock would use body doubles in the Underground's stage shows to keep up the illusion.


This was Digital Underground's first video. Though it was clearly shot on a shoestring budget and has undeniable 80s style, "Doowutchalike" is a raucous, hyper song that's still fun over 20 years later. This is the video where it hit Shock-G that Humpty could be a separate character unto himself. Also notice a number of cameos from already well-established rappers like KRS-One, LL Cool J, and Kid 'n Play.

"Same Song"

This song appeared on the follow-up to Sex Packets, This is an EP Release, but reached a bigger audience due to its feature in the 1991 Dan Aykroyd/Chevy Chase movie, Nothing But Trouble. The movie bombed and was universally panned, but Digital Underground managed to put in a memorable performance. Notice in the video a cameo by Eazy-E and Dr. Dre, just shortly before their very public feud. Also notable is a young 2Pac, added to the DU line up after their Sex Packets tour.

"No Nose Job"

Another Humpty single that expands the body-positive ideas first rapped in "The Humpty Dance."

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