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The Idiot

The Idiot


by Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Idiot Resources


Project Guttenberg

Here's the full text of The Idiot—you know, to make finding quotations easier.

Dostoevsky Research Station

Super comprehensive link-full site for all things Dostoevsky—biography, photos, essay, the whole deal.

The Idiot Restaurant

This restaurant in St. Petersburg is completely inspired by the novel. No info on whether the waiters barge in and start yelling at you and your dining companions.


The Dostoevsky Encyclopedia

Here's the ultimate reference work for our man Dostoevsky.

My Belief: Essays on Life and Art

Check out this commentary on The Idiot by Herman Hesse, a famous German novelist.

Movie or TV Productions


This is an awesome Japanese version of the novel from 1951. We wonder how the cultural stuff is translated for the Japanese context. Maybe they just make it a love story.

Movie or TV Production

The Idiot

This is some kind of punk-looking update from Estonia that was made in 2011.


The Idiot

Here's part of a subtitled 2003 mini-series version of the novel—Russian TV, comin' at you.


The Idiot on BBC 7 Radio

Check out this radio play staring Paul Rhys.


Holbein's "Christ's Body in the Tomb"

It's that painting that's driving everybody mad! Mad! Mad, we're telling you!

Dostoevsky's Flickr

No, really, it's a Flickr page for people to talk about and share photos that remind them of themes from Dostoevsky's novels.

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