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The Jungle

The Jungle


by Upton Sinclair

Ona Lukoszaite Timeline and Summary

  • Ona Lukoszaite agrees to travel with Jurgis Rudkus to America to start a new life with him.
  • They are accompanied by Ona's stepmother, Teta Elzbieta, her cousin, Marija Berczynskas, her six half-brothers and -sisters, her step-uncle, Jonas, and her future father-in-law, Antanas Rudkus.
  • Jurgis finds a job and marries Ona.
  • They buy a house together and settle down.
  • Ona stays in the house to look after things until they realize that their monthly payments are higher than they expected.
  • Ona gets a job sewing hams into packaging.
  • Ona becomes pregnant.
  • Ona bears Jurgis a son, Antanas.
  • Ona goes back to work at Brown's packing plant right after giving birth.
  • She loses her health and develops a bad cough.
  • Jurgis is too distracted by his own workplace injury and bitterness to notice.
  • Jurgis also does not know that Ona is approached one night be one of the bosses at her factory.
  • He threatens to get Jurgis and Marija fired from their jobs in Packingtown if she does not do what he says.
  • This boss, Connor, rapes Ona right in the hallway of the factory.
  • Connor also bullies Ona into going to a brothel in the city to work as a prostitute after working hours.
  • Ona doesn't tell Jurgis what is happening to her because she is afraid he will murder Connor and ruin all of their lives.
  • Ona becomes pregnant with her second child.
  • She believes that Connor will stop bothering her once she becomes too pregnant to be attractive as a prostitute.
  • Jurgis finds out where Ona has been going at night. He runs off to attack Connor.
  • Jurgis goes to jail for thirty days.
  • Ona gets too sick to get out of bed.
  • Without Jurgis and Ona's salaries, the family misses their house payments.
  • Ona and the rest of the family move back to the crowded apartment where they stayed when they first arrived in Chicago.
  • Ona goes into premature labor. She is in so much pain that she just wants to die.
  • Jurgis gets out of jail just as Ona is screaming in pain, in the middle of this deadly childbirth.
  • Jurgis brings back a midwife for Ona, but it is too late to save either her or the baby.
  • Ona regains consciousness to look at Jurgis just once before she passes away.