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The King's Stilts Courage Quotes

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Quote #1

Only Eric, the page boy, knew what was wrong. Night after night, he tossed in his bed, thinking of the stilts lying deep underground. Finally, one night he could stand it no longer. Droon or no Droon, he would go to the King! (64)

Eric may just be a little boy, but he has quite the moral compass. And it points in the direction of non-Droonish tricks. He defies Lord Droon and comes to the king with his concerns, but is unfortunately stopped by Droon, the castle's very own party pooper (and pathological liar). He is foiled, of course, by Lord Droon's bizarre accusation of measles (is measles really so bad that you'd have to be quarantined?), but that doesn't mean that he gives up. No sir.

Quote #2

"No time to shrink down to a boy again," thought Eric. "I'll have to stay a tall man." (102)

What a cutie, right? Eric acts above and beyond his pageboy position, and in the process, he virtually comes of age. In this moment, he realizes that he can't act like a little boy when the Kingdom of Binn is in danger. There is no time for him to second guess himself or pretend that he isn't important. Instead, he has to stay a tall man—taller than Droon or King Birtram, even.

Quote #3

Down from the stilts leapt Eric, the page boy. Up onto the stilts sprang Birtram, the King. He drew a great Kingly breath – the first one in weeks. His head shot up high; his chest broadened wide. Birtram of Binn was sturdy, straight and strong again, and every inch a King. (109)

There's no doubt that Eric's a brave boy. We mean, he leaps out of a window to escape royal guards. But when he comes upon the King and returns his stilts, he transfers that same courage and determination to save Binn no matter what it takes to the King himself. It is with that conviction and bravery that King Birtram rises up and summons the Patrol Cats. Charge!

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