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The King's Stilts Duty Quotes

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Quote #1

There was so much work to be done in the Kingdom of Binn, that King Birtram had to get up every morning at five. Long before the townsfolk and the farmers were awake, the King was splashing away in his bath. It was right there, in fact, that his day's work began. With his left hand he could bathe with his royal brush, but his right hand he always had to keep dry for signing the important papers of state. (2)

It's a nasty job, but someone's gotta do it. Sure, we find it just a bit bizarre (and maybe a little creepy) to work from the bathtub while other people are watching. And everyone knows that bathing can be a dangerous business for world leaders. But you simply cannot deny the fact that King Birtram is one dedicated dude. He doesn't indulge in anything other than his stilt-walking, and even that only comes out once all the work of the day is completed.

Quote #2

Never before had Eric been so puzzled. Never in his life had he felt so sad. But there was nothing to do but obey the command. He picked up the stilts and walked straight toward the road that led to the sea. (47)

Eric, being a good boy (but not a goody two shoes—there's a difference), lives by his code of honor and duty to the king, as well to the entire Kingdom of Binn. When Lord Droon initially shoves the stilts at him and tells him to bury them, Eric has some serious misgivings. Nonetheless, he does so because he thinks that it is his duty to follow Lord Droon's commands, because he assumes that Lord Droon is a good guy. At least, for now.

Quote #3

From wherever they had wandered, the cats heard the call. They fell in line; they fell in step; they marched ahead a thousand strong. Up the hill to the Dike Trees they followed Eric and the King. (112)

It's not just Eric and the king who display their sense of duty though. Despite the fact that they slacked for a little bit while the king was feeling depressed, the cats are definitely willing to rise to the occasion when the king calls upon them. When their claws are extended and they're racing at Nizzards, they're not your typical house cats. They're fierce. Tyra fierce.

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