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The King's Stilts
The King's Stilts
by Dr. Seuss


How It All Goes Down
The Cover
After a long hard day at work, what could be better than a little stroll on some stilts? We know that's how Shmoop unwinds, anyway.

Don't You Get Water Stains?
If you didn't believe that King Birtram signed documents in the bath, here's the proof.

Call the Fashion Police
Lord Droon has quite the untrustworthy look about him, doesn't he? After all, a robe and top hat an outfit do not make.

All's Well That Ends Well
There's nothing more heartwarming to cats than the sight of a boy and a king walking by on matching pairs of stilts. Right?

Dike Tree Disaster
Seriously. They are in trouble.

The Kingdom of Binn
The panoramic view, for your next postcard.

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