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The King's Stilts

The King's Stilts


by Dr. Seuss

The King's Stilts Paragraphs 20-28 Summary

Guiltless Stilting 

  • Okay so if he works so hard, King Birtram must play hard, too, right?
  • Right. Every day at 5 o'clock sharp, the King tells Eric to fetch him his stilts, and then he proceeds to gallivant about the castle and grounds on his tall red stilts (20-25).
  • Sure, he looks kooky, but the townsfolk love it, so hey, why not?
  • Actually, there is one person who doesn't love the king's nightly stilt-walks: Lord Droon. The name alone oughta clue you in that this guy hates sunshine and happiness.
  • Lord Droon always fumes up in his room about how the king carries on walking on stilts (27-28). In other words, the dude's a total killjoy.

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