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The King's Stilts

The King's Stilts


by Dr. Seuss

The King's Stilts Paragraphs 78-109 Summary

The Great Escape 

  • But Eric will not be denied.
  • He manages to leap out of the window, fool the guards and run towards the castle. On his way he notices that there's water trickling through the streets.
  • Oh no. The Dike Trees must not be holding up.
  • But he has an idea. Eric digs up the stilts, all the while as the horrible Nizzards screech and hiss at him (78-92).
  • Eric runs across Lord Droon and the guards, but in a moment of genius, he stands on his stilts and dons a tall coat and a hat that he nabs from a nearby tailor shop.
  • In his disguise, he looks like a very tall, very skinny man (93-97).
  • He points the evil-doers in a different direction and rushes toward the castle, revealing himself to be Eric and giving those fabulous stilts back to their rightful owner, King Birtram (98-109).

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