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The Lotos-Eaters

The Lotos-Eaters


by Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Lotos-Eaters Resources


Victorian Web

Check out tons of good info about Tennyson from a fun and reliable site.

The Literature Network

Here's more information on Tennyson's work and life.

Intro to Ancient Greece from the British Museum

Here's a fun website to get you started learning about the history of ancient Greece.


The Lotus-Eaters in The Odyssey

This is a short, documentary-style video about the Lotus-Eaters scene from Book 9 of the Odyssey.

Land of the Lotus-Eaters—in Legos!

Here's a Lego animation of the story. It's pretty well done—although we think we might have seen a Star Wars ship in there…

Death Metal Lotus-Eater

Check out Swedish metal band Opeth's version.


Nice Reading

We love this guy's voice, and we think he really nails the mood, too.

Dead Can Dance Play "The Lotus-Eaters"

Here's a good song by a great band—have fun!


Portrait of Tennyson

The man himself, with facial hair FTW!

Lotus-Eaters Engraving

Here's the famous scene, as the 17th-century artist Theodore van Thulden saw it.


Selected Poems by Tennyson

If you're looking to read a little more Tennyson, this collection would be a good place to start.

The Odyssey

Read the ancient Greek epic that inspired Tennyson's poem.

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