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The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner


by James Dashner

The Maze Runner Resources


James Dashner Blogspot

Read all about the author's account of how the book came to life, and everything he's accomplished since then.

This Guy Loves Making Websites

James Dashner's own website—totally different from a blog, right?

Movie or TV Productions

The Maze Runner

IMDB information on the movie.

Articles and Interviews

Not Everyone Has Their Book Turned Into a Movie - 1

Two-part interview with Dashner about making The Maze Runner movie, as well as how he developed the series.

Brief Book Blurb

Book review that summarizes the plot quite nicely.


Comic-Con 2013 Panel (A.K.A. The Ultimate Nerd Party)

The stars of the movie answer questions about their roles in the production.


Don't Judge

Come on… this is so 2009.

Dude, Do You See What I See?

Image from the movie of the boys getting ready to escape the Maze.

Let's Throw Him To The Grievers

Just kidding, they're totally probably maybe helping him… we hope.

I Like That Boulder

Image of the Maze—yeah CGI.

Minho Found Nutella

At least, were pretty sure that's why they're running into the Maze….

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