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The Mind Is an Enchanting Thing

The Mind Is an Enchanting Thing


by Marianne Moore

The Mind Is an Enchanting Thing Resources


Moore on Poets.org

For the lowdown on this highbrow poet.

Moore on Poetryfoundation.org

Featuring a shot of Marianne in a truly awesome hat.

Moore on Modern American Poetry

For a more academic take on M.M.

Moore and Bishop

Marianne Moore mentored a lot of young poets, including Elizabeth Bishop. This nifty site outlines Moore and Bishop's letters back and forth, in which Moore advised Bishop on her poem "The Fish." It's a Shmoop favorite, so we highly recommend a gander.


A 1960 interview in The Paris Review. That's the big time, folks.

Geek Out

On this entire database of literary and scholarly criticism on Marianne Moore.


Get the Ivy Take

Listen to this lecture on Moore from a professor at Yale. And feel yourself getting smarter.


Gieseking Plays Scarlatti

See what all Moore's fuss was about.

"The Mind" Aloud

This dude is seriously ready for his close-up.

Marianne Reads

Hear the poet read her poem "Bird-Witted." Then imagine that same voice reading "The Mind Is an Enchanting Thing."


Baseball Fan

Moore tosses one at Yankee stadium.

Floats Like a Butterfly, Stings Like a Bee

Moore pictured with Mohammed Ali. Now there's a pair.

It's No Costume

Moore was a fan of the tri-corner hat and cape-like coats. Why? Well, why not?

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