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The Moonstone

The Moonstone


by Wilkie Collins

The Moonstone First Period, Chapter 22 Summary

  • Franklin Blake has resolved to leave the house, but he can't leave until Lady Verinder gets back.
  • In the meantime, he's wandering around the house, feeling sorry for himself and talking to Betteredge about it.
  • Lady Verinder sends a note to Betteredge, which he reads to Cuff, about Rachel.
  • It says that Rachel swears that she has never had a private word with Rosanna, and did not speak to her at all the night the diamond was stolen or afterward.
  • Lady Verinder has also enclosed a very generous check to pay for Cuff's services, and dismisses him. Case closed.
  • Cuff says that, for that amount of money, he'll consider himself on call – if any new clues come up concerning the Moonstone, they just need to send him a letter and he'll come and take up the case again.
  • As he leaves, he tells Betteredge to watch out for three things:
  • First, that Betteredge should expect to hear from the Yollands on Monday, after they get Rosanna's letter.
  • Second, that he'll hear something more about the three Indians – either in Frizinghall, if Rachel stays there, or in London, if she goes to London.
  • Third, that Betteredge will hear something about the money-lender and pawn broker in London, Mr. Septimus Luker.
  • And so Sergeant Cuff leaves, still arguing with the gardener about the proper way to raise roses.

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