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Morrígan's Wall


is single.

likes this.

likes this.

likes this.

likes this.

Wait, what? I thought we were a thing!

I never told you that. I told you I thought you were funny.

But then we had all those nights together, and then you told me prophecies!

That's not a marriage proposal, baby. I'm a free spirit. Plus, you dress kind of like a dirty peasant.

Hey, I borrowed Freyja's feathers for the weekend. She said that Frey said that the weather should be good for flying. Interested?

Where'd you want to go?

Are you and Cúchulainn still fighting? We could go egg his house.

Nah, we're actually okay. But egging sounds fun. The Fir Bolg keep messing with my fam—I would not say no to a little pranking at their expense.

Done and done. I'll pick you up at 7 on Saturday. Wear your prettiest beak.

is attending the (Second) Battle of Mag Tuired.


is also attending.

Dian Cecht

is also attending.


is also attending.

is also attending.


Ugh. Dislike.


Toughen up, Bres.

Oh, oh wait. I think, yeah, I think I feel a prophecy coming on. Yes, yes, here it is!: The Fomorians are totally gonna eat it.


Like you know, witch.


Careful who you talk to like that. You're yesterday's hotness, Beautiful Bres, and you're lucky that you're not on my Haunt List that day. I've got like 80,000 Fomorians whose deaths I need to foretell.

Oh yeah, Badb, don't let me forget to pack some lozenges. All that screaming is terrible for your poor throat.

is winding down with a few episodes of Dexter.

Tonight's episode was insane.


I'm still a season behind! You guys want to come over and marathon it with me?

I think everyone is way too nice in that show. Boring.

Seriously? Y'all are way too morbid.

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