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the mother

the mother


by Gwendolyn Brooks

the mother Resources


Gwendolyn Brooks

Check out this brief bio and bibliography of our gal.

GB: The Deets

Here's a longer bio of Brooks.

Brooks: Illinois Poet Laureate

Check out Illinois's perspective on the poet.

The Black Arts Movement

This is just an awesome resource.


Brooks on Brooks

Here she is in a 1986 interview.

Poetry Out Loud

Watch a finalist in this competition give her interpretation.


Essential American Poets Podcast

Listen to Brooks reading several of her poems, including "the mother."


Young Gwendolyn

We really dig this happy writer photo.

Brooks in Later Years

She knows what's up.

A Street in Bronzeville

The original cover of the book that established Brooks in the poetry scene

Articles and Interviews

Modern American Poetry on Gwen

This is an awesome resource on Ms. Brooks that includes interviews, bios, and analyses of poems.

The Abortion Debate in 2013

Check out what the experts have to say.


Selected Poems

This is a great intro to Brooks's poetry.

A Life of Gwendolyn Brooks

Get all the deets on Brooks's life here.

Conversations with Gwendolyn Brooks

This is a sweet book of interviews with the poet.

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