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The Naked and the Nude
The Naked and the Nude
by Robert Graves

The Naked and the Nude Appearances Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

While draping by a showman's trick
Their dishabille in rhetoric, (15-16)

And here's where the rubber hits the road. The nude uses language to appear to be something other than it is. It's showmanship. It's not like the nude is actually less naked than a naked person. No way. It's just that the nakedness (even here's it's called by the term "dishabille") is discussed in different terms.

Quote #5

naked skin (18)

Wait, isn't nakedness just the appearance of skin? So why the double emphasis on seeing a body's surface (skin) and its lack of clothing (nakedness)? We're betting that it's because it creates a subtle comparison. The nude is covered in something that's not quite skin. In fact, it's fancy language ("rhetoric") that makes the skin seem like something else entirely.

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