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The Naked and the Nude
The Naked and the Nude
by Robert Graves

The Naked and the Nude Lust Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

Lovers without reproach will gaze
On bodies naked and ablaze (7-8)

We usually think of lust as being sort of shameful, right? But between lovers it's a really, really good thing. Maybe that's why there's no "reproach" in looking at a naked body. Instead, the body seems to be on fire, like the sun.

Quote #2

And naked shines the Goddess when
She mounts her lion (11-12)

Woah. We get a totally different kind of lust at play here: lust for power. C'mon, folks. The Goddess on a lion? That's a pretty powerful form of nakedness.

Quote #3

The nude are bold (13)

What inspires lust? Probably a good seduction, right? And that's just what the nude promises. If Cosmo is right, no one likes a shrinking violet.

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