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The Naked and the Nude

The Naked and the Nude


by Robert Graves

The Naked and the Nude Resources


BBC WWI Archives

Sure, Graves was interested in art and literature and theater. In fact, he was a bit of a renaissance man. But he was also a war hero. Learn about his WWI poetry here.

Robert Graves Society

Can't get enough of Graves? Maybe you should join the Graves fan club (otherwise known as the Graves society). Get down with other Gravesians.

Graves Digital Archive

Check out this section of the First World War Poetry Digital archive devoted to Graves and his work.


Robert Graves' MTV appearance

Okay, we're kidding. But seriously, this is an incredibly weird video-and-poetry montage featuring the poet himself.

Indiana Jones Meets the War Poets

Real? Not exactly. But it sure is interesting. The young Indiana Jones gets to hang out with Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfred Owen, and Robert Graves.


Graves Audio Archive

Listen to Graves read all kinds of poems. ("The Naked and the Nude," unfortunately, is not included, but lots of others are.)

Another Graves Reading (With Pictures)

In this link, Graves reads "To Juan at Winter Solstice."


Young Graves

Here's Robert at the time of his service in World War I.

Old Graves

The poet sports a whimsical expression.

Original Nude

The Aphrodite of Knidos is thought to be the first nude sculpture of the Greek goddess. See the elegant pose and the careful placement of the hands? That's classic nude-work, friends.

Articles and Interviews

"The Naked and the Nude"

Thought Graves was the first to write on the difference between the declothed body in art and life? Think again, friends. Think again. Walter Sickert's 1910 essay may well have sparked the conversation that Graves later put into verse.

"The Camden Town Group"

Speaking of Sickert: he was pretty into the dead. (No, not in a creepy way…exactly). His "naked" figure was often a dead woman. Doesn't that sound like art that you don't want in your living room? Read about his take on it here.


The Greek Myths

Want to learn more about the naked goddess on a lion? Who wouldn't? Check out Graves' take on Greek myths to learn more.

I, Claudius

Graves also takes on the first person in prose, imagining the autobiography of a Roman emperor. Believe it or not, it was a bestseller. You can continue your love of all things historical and/or mythical here.


Okay, so Graves isn't a starring role in this novel, but he sure plays an interesting part. Pat Barker's trilogy is all about war poets. It focuses on Siegfried Sassoon, but Graves is included.

Movies & TV

Graves' I, Claudius: The Miniseries

Believe it or not, "The Naked and the Nude" never really made a splash on the big screen. Graves' "autobiography" of the Roman Emperor Claudius did, though. Check out the BBC's take on it.

The Shout

Graves was a man of all talents. He also dabbled in screenplay writing…horror screenplay writing. Here's one of his works.

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