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The Outsiders
The Outsiders
by S.E. Hinton
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The Outsiders Choices Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

"I'm sure. It ain't fair for Ponyboy to have to stay up in that church with Soda and Darry worryin' about him all the time." (6.17)

Before the fire, Johnny makes the brave decision to turn himself in. The fact that he takes the needs of Pony, Darry, and Soda into account in his decision shows how what a thoughtful person he's growing into.

Quote #5

All I could think was: We started it. We started it. We started it! (6.42)

We don't know for sure if Pony and Johnny's cigarettes started the fire, but it's obvious that this fear helps push Pony to save the kids. We suspect he would have done so anyway, though.

Quote #6

I'd hate to see the day when I had to get my nerve from a can. (9.45)

Like Cherry, Pony is making the decision to stay away from alcohol. He really doesn't like seeing Two-Bit drinking to prepare for the rumble. Still, Pony might be assuming some things – Two-Bit's reasons for drinking are probably complicated.

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