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The Outsiders

The Outsiders


by S.E. Hinton

The Outsiders Isolation Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Part.Paragraph)

Quote #4

"He didn't used to be like that… we used to get along okay… before Mom and Dad died. Now he just can't stand me." (3.111)

Pony understands that Mom and Dad's death isolated him in many ways, but he doesn't quite understand the impact on Darry. He has all the facts – Darry spends all his time working and worrying, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and even ironing. Pony and Soda help, but it's really on Darry – and he has nobody to turn to for the extra support he needs.

Quote #5

I half convinced myself that I had dreamed everything that had happened the night before. I'm really home in bed, I thought. (5.1)

Pony loves to dream, pretend, and otherwise use his imagination to construct alternative realities. These help him cope with difficult situations, but sometimes also keep him from facing things that he might really need to deal with.

Quote #6

"My parents," Johnny repeated doggedly, "did they ask about me." (6.19)

"No," snapped Dally, "they didn't." (6.20)

Johnny is most isolated by his relationship with his parents. Their abuse and neglect makes him feel completely worthless.

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