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The Outsiders

The Outsiders


by S.E. Hinton

Johnny Cade Timeline and Summary

  • Johnny arrives on the scene when Pony's being attacked by the Socials after he walked home from the movies alone.
  • He goes to the movies with Ponyboy the next night, and stands up to his idol Dallas when Dallas makes Cherry and Marcia feel uncomfortable.
  • Later than night, he falls asleep in the vacant lot with Pony. Johnny wakes Pony up so his friend can go home, and stays in the lot to sleep by himself.
  • When Pony returns a few minutes later, they go to the park together.
  • At some point, while David is trying to drown Ponyboy in the fountain, Johnny fatally stabs Bob.
  • Afterwards, he and Ponyboy head out of town and hide out in an abandoned church.
  • Johnny gets closer to Ponyboy during their stay in the church, and begins to appreciate nature more deeply.
  • When Dallas picks Johnny and Pony up on the fifth day, Johnny decides to go back, to turn himself in.
  • When he gets back to the church and sees it on fire, he immediately enters the building and starts rescuing the children who are stuck inside.
  • In the process, a burning timber falls on his back.
  • He's in critical condition when Ponyboy and Two-Bit visit him the next day, and he dies that night.