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The Outsiders

The Outsiders


by S.E. Hinton

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S.E. Hinton shares her inspiration for the beginning of The Outsiders: "One day, a friend of mine was walking home from school and these 'nice' kids jumped out of a car and beat him up because they didn't like him being a greaser. This made me mad and I just went home and started pounding out a story about this boy who was beaten up while he was walking home from the movies." (source)

Apparently, Hinton's novel originally had the Socs living on the North Side and the Greasers on the South Side, but her publisher changed it to West Side and East Side. For the film version, Francis Ford Coppola changed it back. (source)

Hinton's favorite authors are Jane Austen, Mary Renault, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Shirley Jackson. Her favorite books are The Haunting of Hill House, Fire from Heaven, Emma, and Tender is The Night. (source)

Hinton says she rereads Jane Austen's work every year, and even took a class on Austen. She says it was even better than being hugged by Matt Dillon! (source)

Hinton got her book contract for The Outsiders on the day she graduated high school. (source)

After the success of The Outsiders, Hinton had writer's block for three years! (source)

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