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The Pearl

The Pearl


by John Steinbeck

The Pearl Family Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

She looked up at him, her eyes as cold as the eyes of a lioness. This was Juana's first baby – this was nearly everything there was in Juana's world. And Kino saw her determination and the music of the family sounded in his head with a steely tone. (1.28)

Kino draws strength from his wife. Without her, he would never be able to struggle against the evil that tries to take the pearl from him.

Quote #5

And the brush house was crowded with neighbors. Kino held the great pearl in his hand, and it was warm and alive in his hand. And the music of the pearl had merged with the music of the family so that one beautified the other. (3.7)

At first, the pearl contributes to the unity of the family. It is only later that this melody becomes discordant.

Quote #6

Behind him he heard Juana patting the cakes before she put them down on the clay cooking sheet. Kino felt all the warmth and security of his family behind him, and the Song of the Family came from behind him like the purring of a kitten. (3.30)

Kino is defined by his role in the family. He exists only within his role as husband as father.

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