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The Piano Lesson

The Piano Lesson


by August Wilson

Berniece Timeline and Summary

  • Berniece tells Boy Willie and Lymon to get out of her house.
  • She sees Sutter's ghost.
  • Berniece tells Boy Willie she won't sell the piano.
  • She goes with Avery to see about a loan for his church.
  • She bickers some more with Boy Willie about selling the piano.
  • Berniece goes off on Boy Willie, hitting him and blaming him for Crawley's death.
  • She refuses to accept Avery's marriage proposal, saying she's not ready.
  • Berniece asks Avery to get rid of Sutter's ghost by blessing the house.
  • She refuses to play the piano when Avery urges her.
  • Berniece kicks Boy Willie and Grace out of the house when she catches them making out.
  • Berniece does a little making out herself, when Lymon comes home.
  • She bickers even more with Boy Willie about the piano, then threatens Boy Willie with a gun when he tries to roll the piano out of the house.
  • Berniece plays the piano, summoning the spirits of her ancestors to banish Sutter's ghost.