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The Piano Lesson
The Piano Lesson
by August Wilson

The Piano Lesson Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Act 1, Scene 1


1. What time is it when Boy Willie and Lymon show up at Doaker's house?

2. Which character would like to return to the South?

3. Where does Berniece claim she saw Sutter?

4. What instrument does Boy Willie tell Maretha she should learn to play, instead of the piano?

5. When Boy Willie finally asks Berniece for the name of the man who tried to buy her piano, how does she respond?


1. 5:00AM

2. Boy Willie

3. At the top of the stairs

4. The guitar

5. She refuses to tell him, saying she knew he was up to something, and that she won't sell the piano.