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The Piano Lesson

The Piano Lesson


by August Wilson

The Piano Lesson Resources


August Wilson Center for African American Culture

Here's a place dedicated to the memory of August Wilson and the celebration of African Americans.

August Wilson Central

This is website totally dedicated to the work of August Wilson.

The Hill District

This website has lots of great info on the neighborhood where most of Wilson's plays are set.

Movies and TV Productions

Made for TV?
Don't worry, August Wilson wrote the teleplay and Lloyd Richards directed – it's great!

Historical Documents

NY Times

Here's a link to the many articles published on Wilson in the NY Times.

Wilson's Obituary

This is the article published by the New York Times after Wilson's untimely death.

Paris Review Interview

Really check out this great interview with Wilson.

Parchman Farm

This website provides a history of the brutality of Parchman Farm.


NPR Interview

Listen to an interesting interview with Wilson from 2004.

Wining Boy Blues by Jelly Roll Morton

Click here to check out the song Wining Boy was probably named after.


Berta, Berta
This is hands down our favorite scene from the movie.


Bearden's Piano Lesson

Check out the painting that inspired it all.

Movie Poster

Here's the poster for the TV movie.

Wilson Photo

The playwright himself.

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