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The Red Pony
The Red Pony
by John Steinbeck
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The Red Pony Admiration Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

Jody lay in his bed and thought of the impossible world of Indians and buffaloes, a world that had ceased to be forever. He wished he could have been living in the heroic time, but he knew he was not of heroic timber. No one living now, save possibly Billy Buck, was worthy to do the things that had been done. A race of giants had lived then, fearless men, men of a staunchness unknown in this day. Jody thought of the wide plains and the wagons moving across like centipedes. He thought of Grandfather on a huge white horse, marshaling the people. (4.113)

Sure, Jody loves his Grandfather. But more than that, he respects and admires the snot out of him. Only Billy Buck stands anywhere close to his Grandfather when it comes to men he wants to model himself after. Carl isn't even in the running.

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