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The Red Pony
The Red Pony
by John Steinbeck
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The Red Pony Death Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

"Would you like to come on a mouse hunt tomorrow, sir?"

"Mouse hunt, Jody?" Grandfather chuckled. "Have the people of this generation come down to hunting mice?" …

Jody explained, "The dogs eat them, sir. It wouldn't be much like hunting Indians, I guess."

"No, not much—but then later, when the troops were hunting Indians and shooting children and burning teepees, it wasn't much different from your mouse hunt." (4.60-4.61, 4.64-4.65)

Here, Grandfather has just arrived and Jody is immediately trying to impress him by saying he is going on a mouse hunt. But then, as soon as he says this, the boy is embarrassed with his childish game when he remembers that his Grandfather once hunted and killed many Indians. That's quite different, right? Wrong. The alarming part here is that both boy and old man are pretty cavalier about death. C'est la morte.

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